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2015-Apr-21 - Get in better shape next year

Get in better shape next year

Here we go: On third baseman Chone Figgins (out since Aug. 2 with a strained right hip flexor): won play again this year. He still feeling it a little china cheap nhl jerseys bit. I just told him we going to shut it down. He won go on the road with us. We probably going to have some more tests this week and go from there. On first baseman Justin Smoak (mild groin strain): going to do some running today. Hopefully cheap nhl jerseys he be in there tomorrow and potentially pinch hit for us today. On shortstop Brendan Ryan (stiff neck/upper back): probably be a couple of days. It his back into his neck. He was walking around here looking like a damned mummy. Mummies can walk. Outfielder Casper Wells (sick): is not feeling well. Is Brendan Ryan issue the same thing he dealt with earlier? (Wedge gets fired up over this one) which is an issue, Wedge said. lot of these guys are going to have to do a better job in the offseason. We going to have a lot of discussions with a lot of these guys about the work and the effort and the discipline that they going to have to commit to in the offseason to be able to come out here and play 150 games when we need them to play 150 games. not just conditioning. It deeper than that. It whatever your body calls for, whatever your limitations are, that where you got to go. Everybody got their own body composition and everything that goes along with that, and that what we going to address. much of that is part of the process the young players are going through nhl jerseys china this year for the first time? can talk about it all they want, but until you go through it and live it and feel it mentally, physically, emotionally, fundamentally, everything, it hard to cheap nhl jerseys china really understand and appreciate it, Wedge said. why we got to keep running these guys out there, so they can feel just how much harder it is today than yesterday or next week vs. today. These guys haven understood it yet because they haven done it. But now they doing it and they be that much better for it next year. when they really getting after it this winter and doing whatever they need to do, whether it be from a conditioning or a strengthening or taking care of their bodies whatever Brendan Ryan needs to do to shore up his back , whatever Smoak needs to do, on and on and on I got a clear view of everybody in regard to what I want them to do this winter. I not relayed it to them all in direct terms yet, but I will. at what Mike Carp did with his body this last offseason. You think that helped him this year? Are you kidding me (except he didn say Those things don just happen by mistake. find out how bad they want it. how are you feeling, Skip? feel great, Wedge said. do I look? of paragraph >

Civil War rebel sub hull revealed

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2015-Apr-21 - Geologist unearths intriguing hypothesis

Geologist unearths intriguing hypothesis

Evidence of water on Mars: Check. Organic chemistry in rock formations: Check. Methane in the atmosphere: Check. And now, fossils? Too soon to tell.

The journal Astrobiology recently published a paperthat examines Martian rock structures photographed by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity that look strikingly like structures on Earth that are known to have been created by microbes. The outcrop on Mars is about 3.7 billion years old.

Is this proof wholesale nhl jerseys of life on ancient Mars? No. But Noffke's research takes the search to a new step, especially in light of the recent detection of methane and other organic molecules on Mars. Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center and an associate editor of the journal Astrobiology, offers his thoughts on why this development is significant.

He continues: "That's an easy argument to make, and it's typically not very convincing. However, Noffke's paper is the most carefully done analysis of the sort that I've seen, which is why it's the first of its kind published in Astrobiology."

Mars and Earth shared similar early histories, with Mars probably being a much warmer andwetter planet billions of years ago than it is today. Gillespie Lake, the part of a dry lakebed on Mars where the structures were found, endured seasonal flooding, a hypothetically wholesale nhl jerseys china perfect situation for microbes to thrive.

On Earth, shallow bodies of water contain colonies of microbes that trap and rearrange sediments into identifiable structures. These structures can be found across the Earth in a variety of formations and types, such as pockets, domes, erosional remnants, roll ups, chips, pits, and cracks.

"All I can say is, here's my hypothesis and here's china wholesale nhl jerseys all the evidence that I have," Noffke said in Astrobiology Magazine, "although I do think that this evidence is a lot."

Noffke discusses next steps to provide proof for her hypothesis, but technology has not yet reached this stage. One nhl jerseys china important step includes bringing samples to Earth for in depth analyses, an unfeasible task. Or, better technology could be developed to enable deeper, more precise analyses of sedimentary samples on Mars.

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2015-Apr-21 - What the NFC and AFC title games

What the NFC and AFC title games say about Super Bowl

Sophomore forward Marissa Robinson scored 23 points to power host Stoughton to a 65 44 victory cheap nba jerseys over Monona Grove in a Badger South ConferencePrep china cheap nba jerseys boys basketball: Late 3 pointers send Monona Grove past BurlingtonPrep girls basketball: Madison Edgewood beats OregonPrep sports: Verona/Madison Edgewood gymnasts top Madison Memorial at Spartan InvitationalPrep boys swimming: Madison Memorial rolls to title at Madison West InvitationalBadgers men's hockey: Madison West's Mick Messner commits to UWPatrick Durkin: Online course at UW would make Aldo Leopold proudWIAC men's basketball: Quardell Young's last minute layup sends Whitewater past PlattevilleJerry Davis: High perches helpful for shed antler huntersHunters turning to manual loading for several reasons, but saving money is No. 1Dennis Anderson: Top DNR enforcer targeting nba jerseys china deer hunters who skirt regulations

Sell Your Vehicle for FreeWhat's Your Vehicle Worth?Manufacturer RebatesNeed Financing cheap nba jerseys china Help?Auto Maintenance Coupons.

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2015-Apr-21 - What would your last meal be

What would your last meal be

The world might be ending Friday, but you still gotta eat. So we asked several well known locals what foods they'd be enjoying during humanity's penultimate day on the planet.

Here's what's on the menu:

: The country music legend says that, as a Christian, he holds no truck with the Mayan legend. But when pressed, he says he'd enjoy a nice, juicy steak. "I haven't had red meat since I had heart surgery 13, 14 years china wholesale nba jerseys ago," he says. "But the end of the world isn't a time to worry about your diet." He'd have a New York strip or rib eye, cooked medium well, please, with a baked potato, sour cream and a dinner salad dressed with balsamic vinegar.

: On the day before the final clarion (or in his case, cornet) sounds, jazzman Cullum will enjoy one of his son Chris' Attaboy burgers and an Alamo Beer, brewed by a neighbor. While he usually takes his burger with Muenster cheese, bacon and lots of onions, he says he also might enjoy one last beanburger. "But they're so big, I could only eat half of each, even if it is the end of the world."

: The restaurateur (two Tre Trattoria locations, BIN 555, Two Bros. BBQ Market, DUK Truck) goes old school and chooses his grandmother's Thanksgiving Day dinner. "It's a throwback to soulful cooking," he says. "A perfectly roasted bird, bread stuffing, pan gravy, cranberries, the works." His grandmother, , is a hearty 91 and still lives in Kearney, Neb., where Dady grew up. "I had her Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago when I took a week off to visit my family." Dady was put in charge of the mashed potatoes, but he still got chastised by his aunt for putting butter on the bread stuffing. "She said I was 'breaking tradition.'"

Sean Elliott: The former Spurs player and current broadcaster would pick and choose a five course meal from some of his favorite restaurants: golden beets and duck confit pasta from Tre Trattoria, the skate wing from Sandbar, rabbit shank from Bistro Vatel and Silo's banana cream pie. To accompany his meal, he'd select from his wine cellar a 2000 Chteau Margaux Bordeaux and a 1997 Screaming Eagle Cabernet. Since it's the end of the world, he says, he wouldn't worry about the hangover.

Heloise: The household hints diva would enjoy an all things chocolate last day including mocha coffee, chocolate waffles with dark molasses and Texas pecan syrup, coco powder and cinnamon dusted Granny Smith and Fuji apples and dark chocolate squares with peanut butter for breakfast. For her final toast, she'd have a flute wholesale nba jerseys china of Roederer Cristal Ros Champagne and wholesale nba jerseys strawberries covered with a chocolate zabaglione.

: The restaurateur (La Gloria, True Flavors and Casa Hernn) says he'd enjoy a plate of chile en nogada, which he called a "patriotic dish" because it's red, white and green like the Mexican flag. "It's very labor intensive and takes several days to make," he says. "So it's an honor to be served the dish." Should the world fail to end Friday, he notes with a smile in his voice that they'll be serving chile en nogada at his recently opened restaurant, The Frutera, on .

: The Grammy winning music legend says he would eat four cheese enchiladas from Garcia's Mexican Food on Fredericksburg. "That's all no rice, no beans," he says. He'd wash it down with chocolate ice cream and a Big Red, a favorite combo since he was 10 years old.

: "I'd have the sunnyside up pizza from Drew's American Grill in Stone Oak," says Spradlin, "Survivor" winner and owner of the Bella Bridesmaid dress shop on Broadway.

: The jazz crooner and public relations executive provided an exhaustive day long menu that would be big, decadent and fattening. and bacon for breakfast; a vodka martini, oysters and prime rib roast for lunch; and his mother's fried chicken with all the trimmings at her house with his entire family. "For me, good food and family go together in the most beautiful way," he wrote in an email. "Every major family milestone of my life (both happy and sad) has involved the preparation and consumption of delicious food. So we would face the end of time together, sharing the recipes, nba jerseys china flavors and memories we've cherished all of our lives. Taking that last bite of cold and crispy fried chicken perfectly salted just as a supernova enveloped the earth would be a lovely way to go."

: The KENS TV traffic reporter and Great Day SA contributor texted to say she'd enjoy a full day of eating: bananas Foster pancakes at Magnolia Pancake Haus for breakfast, a Flaming Jalapeo burger with cheese and fries from 's for lunch, Bohanan's sashimi tuna appetizer, house salad and a 12 ounce Kobe steak with garlic mashed potatoes, sauted mushrooms and asparagus for dinner. After a dessert of cheesecake and French press coffee she said, " . I'd be ready to die."

Cristina Pea Walls: The food buyer for H E B had several "last meal" foods on her list: White kernel popcorn popped in basil infused olive oil and topped with grated pecorino cheese ("It gave me goose bumps the first time I had popcorn this way," she says); cachapas, or corncakes from her native Venezuela ("They remind me of being on the beach every weekend where I ate them"); tamarindo raspas from Los Pinguinos in Laredo ("My favorite"); roasted golden beets made by Tre Trattoria on Broadway ("I tried making them myself but they didn't come out the same.") and foie gras dumplings ("A friend had these in Paris and told me about them. I've never had them but since it's the end of the world .")

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2015-Apr-21 - When can cops run license

When can cops run license

What: A Michigan man who was arrested after a police officer checked his license plate against a computer database tried to suppress that evidence on privacy grounds.When: The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Sept. 5.Outcome: Defendant loses when appeals court rules that Americans have no Fourth Amendment protection against computer checks even extensive ones of their license plate numbers.What happened, according to court documents:When Officer Mark Keeley of the Farmington Hills, Mich., police department was driving around a local shopping center, he noticed a white van idling in the lane closest to the stores. A man was inside and the lane was marked with "Fire Lane" and "No Parking" signs.Keeley entered the vehicle's license plate number into his patrol car's Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). According to the Michigan state government's Web site (PDF), LEIN wholesale nfl jerseys china databases include missing persons, Michigan state criminal history, prison and parole information, and a list of wanted people from the National Crime Information Center.The LEIN search showed that the vehicle was registered to Curtis Ellison, a black man who had an outstanding felony warrant. nfl jerseys china Keeley called for backup, approached the van and arrested Ellison. During the arrest, Ellison was found to have two firearms. He was later indicted for being a felon in possession of a firearm in violation of federal law.The trial judge ruled, however, that the van was not parked illegally and therefore Keeley did not have probable cause to run the LEIN check of the van's license plate. Therefore, the judge reasoned, the results of the LEIN check should be suppressed, including the discovery of Ellison's two firearms. Attorney's office appealed, saying that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their license plate numbers, and therefore police need no probable cause to conduct computer checks.In a 2 1 ruling, a three judge panel from the 6th Circuit agreed. She said the FBI's National Crime Information Center system contains more than 23 million records about people and vehicles not all accurate or up to date and "allowing the information contained therein to form the basis for a seizure without any other heightened suspicion, let alone probable cause, compounds the risk of privacy intrusions that errors in these databases impose."The law of the land says that we should not have to endure unreasonable searches. To conduct a records search without any reason is unreasonable. Its not that the police can read license plates; its what they do with that information that constitutes a search. It requires effort that goes far beyond what any casual passer by could or would be able to do in terms of obtaining information about the driver. What if there were a commercially available to the china wholesale nfl jerseys public equivalent to the police ability to get information about you from you cars plates, would you consider that a violation of your privacy?From what I read, the vehicle in question could have been ticketed for where it was parked. As a matter of routine wholesale nfl jerseys procedure a check would have been run and the identity of the driver would inevitably have been discovered.

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2015-Apr-21 - Where to get free pizza this weekend

Where to get free pizza this weekend

With the weekend ahead, we're looking for ways to appease our spend thrifty nature, so we've rounded up the best self indulgent treats that won't set us back too many precious pennies. You can pick up a free pizza at the Target Caf, while scoring some hefty price lows on popular MP3 albums at Amazon or Google Play. These deals and more are in today's list of fiveEditors' Choice dealsthat we found overnight and early this morning.

Top Freebie

Pizza Hut Combo MealPrice:Freewhen you complete this short TMNT "personality" testDo You Need It?:There are few things we celebrate quite as much as a freebie, especially when it's one that promises to be as tasty as this. Simply fill in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "test" and enter your cell phone number at the end to receive a coupon. It's the first such freebie we've ever seen from the Target Caf.

Do You Need It?:If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful laptop for basic home needs, then you won't nfl jerseys china come across a much better deal than this. This build is at an all time price low forany15.6" Acer laptop and it's currently a massive $85 cheaper at Fry's than at any other store. It features an Intel Celeron N2830 2.16GHz dual core CPU, 15.6" 1366x768 LED backlit LCD, 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, webcam, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n wireless, USB 3.0, 3 cell battery, and Windows 8.1.

Prefer to go for a Toshiba model? Fry's also has theToshiba C55 B5299 Intel Celeron 2.16GHz 15.6" Laptopfor just $2 more than this build. It features the same specs, but boasts a 500GB hard drive. It's a current low by $48.

Top Kitchen Deal

Gibson Cuisine Select 25 Piece Cookware Combo SetDo You Need It?:Whether you're moving home or sprucing up cheap nfl jerseys your kitchen and its supplies, you can stock up on pots and pans at Walmart. This Gibson set is nearly three times cheaper than that of any other stores' best offer. It features three saucepans, two frying pans, tempered glass lids, and a variety of plastic kitchen tools.

A comparable set for college kids is also available in theGibson Home Dorm Kitchen 38 Piece Combo Set, which costs $5 more. It includes glass tumblers, plates, flatware, cutlery, travel mugs, measuring cups and spoons, and the all important pizza cutter and can opener.

Top Music Deal

MP3 Digital Albums

Store:Amazon (now price matched byGoogle Play)Do You Need It?:No matter your musical tastes, Amazon has discounted a range of MP3 albums to a measly $1.99. It puts many contemporary titles at a fraction of the cost of iTunes current priceandat all time price lows. cheap nfl jerseys china Two morning soundtracks to consider from the sale:deadmau5'sRandom Album Title(pictured;an $8 low) orKanye West'sYeezus(a $10 low).

Top Apparel Deal

Denim Supply Ralph Lauren Women's Perforated Maxidress

Do You Need It?:If you've nothing to wear china cheap nfl jerseys for the upcoming weekend and are looking to invest in some new threads, this Ralph Lauren maxidress is at a more than impressive price low. It's now almost three times less than what any other store charges and is a very low price for such a designer dress. It's available in sizes S to XL.

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